Ladies Shaving

Introducing shaving with a safety razor to ladies – Video

June 11, 2014

This is the 1st video in a 4 part series introducing shaving with a double edge safety razor to ladies.  I have found this new way of shaving to be far superior in enjoyment, comfort and the closeness of the shave.  I have created these videos to enable you to have the confidence to have a go and enjoy a far more luxurious shaving experience.

Gentlemens Shaving

Seven reasons to switch to a safety razor

June 9, 2014
Mühle R106 closed comb safety razor

Here are seven reasons for retiring your multiblade cartridge razor system in favour of a double edge safety razor:

  1. Comfortable Shave –  I find the single blade edge of the double edge safety razor gives me a comfortable shave without the skin irritation that my previous multiblade cartridge systems would often cause.
  2. Close Shave – As the single blade is not irritating my skin I am able to shave closer so no more five o’clock shadow after lunch!
  3. Cost – Shaving with a double edge safety razor very quickly saves you money. You can buy 30 Derby blades for the same price as a single Gillette Fusion Proglide Power replacement cartridge. I don’t think it is any secret that there are enormous profit margins on multiblade cartridges.

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Ladies Shaving

Why I changed to shaving with a double edge safety razor

February 3, 2014
White razor

Hello, I’m really excited to be writing my first ever blog, and to be able to tell you what I’ve discovered about shaving with a double edge safety razor.

Like so many ladies with a busy family life, taking care of oneself can become the last thing on life’s demanding everyday list. But I’m learning that taking care of my family actually needs to start with me taking care of myself. There are routines, part of daily life, that are often a chore, but with a little bit of something special that chore can become an everyday luxury!

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Gentlemens Shaving

Shaving with a double edge safety razor

October 30, 2013
Mühle R89 closed comb safety razor

I recently started shaving with a safety razor and it’s becoming a bit of a hobby! Having been disappointed with the quality of previous shaves and the high cost of  multiblade cartridges I decided to try using a safety razor and love it, much better results and far more enjoyable.

Once you have purchased a quality safety razor (which are engineered to last a lifetime) and a good shaving brush (which typically last 10-15 years) you’ve got the main kit you need. You will find that a bowl of good quality shaving cream or shaving soap will last for months of daily shaving.  Double Edge safety razor blades are pretty cheap too, at a fraction of the cost of the multiblade razor cartridges and will typically last 4-6 shaves for each blade. Definitely no need to use them beyond their ideal life. This means consistently close and comfortable shaves.

Go on try a safety razor, you deserve a great shave, and of course your face will thank you for it! Happy shaving!