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Should ladies use a shaving brush?

September 23, 2016
Ladies shaving brush and soap

Hair brush, nail brush, powder brush, blusher brush, eyebrow brush, blending brush, eyeliner brush… So why not a shaving brush? It seems that we certainly know a thing or two about getting the best from our beauty products, however when it comes to shaving could there be something we are missing?

Since starting to shave with a safety razor, shaving brush and shaving soap/cream I’ve really begun to appreciate what a good shaving experience is all about. Not only do I get a very smooth result but my skin feels great and shaving is fun! It could be said that the shaving brush is the key component to achieving a great shave so I have been wondering why it is missing from the plethora of ladies shaving products available on our high street shelves?

In order to achieve a comfortable shave that doesn’t irritate your skin, or leave you with razor bumps or ingrown hairs, you need to create a cushion between the razor blade and your skin. By far the best way to create that cushion is by using a dedicated shaving soap or cream, and the way to get the richest lather from that soap or cream, you’ve guessed it, is with a shaving brush!

The role of the shaving brush is to soak up hot water, that infuses with the shaving soap/cream to produce a very thick and rich lather.This equates to a substantial cushion for your razor to glide upon. Don’t be deceived, the quality of this lather is far superior to aerosol based shaving cream, which has a tendency to dry out your skin.

So the shaving brush is critical in producing a lather for a comfortable shave. Great! But it actually does even more than this…

The shaving brush exfoliates your skin, removing dead cells to leave your skin healthy, and ensures that the razor can flow smoothly when shaving. In addition to preparing your skin, the shaving brush also prepares the hair by lifting the hair away from the skin. As the hair is held by the lather, the razor is able to cut the hair cleanly at skin level, giving you a close shave. This will also help you to avoid missing hair and having to shave the same area multiple times which is recipe for skin irritation.

With all this considered, it would seem that our shaving experience just isn’t complete without a shaving brush, I certainly couldn’t imagine shaving again without one!

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